The story of this boat started with the Austrian Entrepreneur Horst Stross who initiated the project together with F. A. Porsche Design in the early 90's. His aim was to build a unique offshore racer and therefore engaged powerboat specialist Fabio Buzzi and the submarine specialists of ThyssenKrupp Nordseewerke (the builders of the famous present German submarines) for the realisation of this project.

After initial tests with original Porsche Engines, the engineers decided to install two powerfull Mercury performance engines with 7,5 litres volume each to bring the boat to a top speed of 69 nautical miles. Only best materials from the submarine industry such as Kevlar and Airetexfoam were used, as well as high end instruments, fittings and materials. During the entire design and construction phase engineers from Porsche made sure the high quality and design standards were met.

Unfortunately only one boat came to completion as series one after several pilot versions and has been carefully recomissioned to full elegance and power. After ten years of dormant the two owners have brought to life again a truly unique boat which will fascinate every Porsche and offshore powerboat enthusiast.